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Why Sabrimala and Triple Talaq cannot be compared?

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

It was one of those evenings, when I literally waste my time by watching Indian news channels. I have selected few of them to entertain myself, including the self proclaimed torchbearer of ethical Journalism, Republic TV. We did not realise, but journalism has been opinionated since years now and Republic TV is not an exception. On most of the occasions, I agree with Arnab but not this time. Indeed, it made me rethink the maturity of the host, when right to enter Sabrimala was compared to Triple Talaq. Arnab lost one of his staunch supporters on that day, but it does not mean that I am against the Supreme Court’s verdict. It’s just that, both needs to be dealt with separately. Triple Talaq hampers the right to live of Muslim women while Sabrimala is no way connected to the right to live. It’s about the right to Pray. But, Arnab was smart enough to bring both under the banner of Social Injustice, Gender Equality and Religious Belief.

The Story

Prince found his new love of life and he seems happy with his Princess. It’s been roughly 4 years that he has been working hard away from his home town (may be for a living of his family OR may be in search of a new life). Wait, Prince is married too, and have a beautiful 5 year old daughter in his hometown, daughter being deprived of her father’s love due to the weak financial condition of her family. Do you think it will be easy for Prince to lead his life with newly found love? Yes, of course! All he need to do is, just a call, a text message or send a letter with Talaq Talaq Talaq, as he is an Indian Muslim. The story ends here; reminding you even a WhatsApp message could have done the trick for Prince.

The Belief

Islamic Scholars (who believes in woman equality) and even Wikipedia says Triple Talaq is not a concept of #Islam. Hence, it’s banned in most of the Islamic #countries but being practiced in a democratic country, #India, from very first day of her independence. Thus, the argument of hampering a religious belief holds no value.

Gender Equality

Do you think gender equality is about right to enter a center of religious belief? OR It’s about Equal Social Value. A social value, which gives you the same respect as your peer, irrespective of your gender. A social value that evaluates you on the same parameters for a Job, a social value that gives you same paycheck as your other gender counterpart, a social value that presents you same opportunities purely on your merit and not gender, a social value that allows you to earn same social respect irrespective of your gender. Equating right to enter a center of religious beliefs to gender equality is immaturity to understand the issue. Then, I shall be allowed to enter endless places where only women can. Even all women’s ceremony during marriage (Just recall that song from Hum Aap ke Hain Kaun, Bhabhi tera dewar deewana…).

Why not during Fertility?

Now the question arises, then why a woman is allowed only before and after the age of fertility? That’s about preserving the belief on which the game of religion is played. We know how rich India is when it comes to religious beliefs, it’s one among those. And it can be preserved as it does not violate right to live and is more simple in comparison to many other beliefs. Beliefs such as Sati, dowry, etc. that was against right to live or promoted social injustice shall be and is being banned but this one does not. The issue is the result of a puerile demand upheld by an inane judge.

Why Religion?

Some people argue that since Triple Talaq is related to Islam followers, hence its being demolished while since Sabrimala is about Hindu outfits hence there’s an outrage. Just a simple question to such people, Will you support me, If I file a petition in Supreme Court to allow women to enter Mosques and shrines? I know you will not, but even I do not intend to file such petition because I understand the difference between beliefs and beliefs leading to social injustice and inequality.

Your Opinion Matters!

What is termed as right to equality? Not to allow your husband to divorce, you over WhatsApp OR not to allow you to enter a center of someone’s beliefs.

Comment your opinion below.

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