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A 40 minutes of extra Sleep will increase India's GDP! Importance of Sleeping.

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Interesting facts about Sleep in India

A 40 minutes of extra Sleep will increase India's GDP! Importance of Sleeping.
Sleep is Sweet and Comforting like a Baby's smile.

We relate sleep to comfort, idleness and laziness, but not to our country's GDP for sure. But a research and study done by an American think tank, relates your sleep to your country's GDP. So, not the government, but blame your sleep the next time, if India's GDP is slipping. Researchers observed sleep rate within the United States of America, Canada, Germany, and Japan and compared it to the fluctuation of GDP within the respective countries. Below, are the key takeaways from the study of sleep across these nations;

The study projected a loss of USD 48L crores across these countries.
Minimum 7 hours of sleep will help increase GDP.
Workforce deprived of sleep is less productive.
US Citizens sleep pattern has caused a 3% reduction in its GDP

Does that mean, the citizens of these nations are over sleeping? The answer is, yes! But how do Indians compare to this study.

According to this study, equilibrium point of sleep against GDP is 7 hours. A minimum of 7 hours of sleep will give maximum productivity to its workforce. The observation says, a citizen who is over sleeping is over rested while if he is under sleeping, he is not fit to give maximum productivity. On, an average a human shall sleep for about 7 hours to be productive in best of his capacity.

Indians on an average sleep for 6 hours and 20 minutes, i.e., we all are deprived of sleep and comparatively less productive to our potential. Below, are main the takeaways by observing sleep pattern of Indians.

72 % of Indian wake up again and again between their sleep.
93% accepted that they cannot sleep properly.
57% Indians accepted the fact that they are deprived of sleep.

The study is fascinating, but it has some logical reasoning as well.

Brain works slow after a certain limit: Why do we feel fresh, energetic and lively every morning? But tired, sleepy and resistance to do more work during the night? The answer is simple; sleep is one of the important fuel for our brain and body. You need to refill it after a certain duration. Even science has proved, likewise we need sleep as we need food, oxygen and water.

Insomnia: If you can't put off your workload, emotional issues, relationship problems, social issues etc. before going to bed. It may lead to depression, anxiety and stress, ultimately affecting your lifestyle. Hence, impacting your concentration throughout the day.

Stress, Sleep, Productivity and Happiness, are all connected.

Less Holiday: Further the study says Indians are deprived of holidays. But wait! Employers are not to be blamed for this. The study says Indian employees are hesitant towards holiday. They have to overcome fear to be replaced, work anxiety and social reasoning before going on leave. The holiday is breather, and you right as an employee. Give your 100% during working hours and be open to ask for break.

The next time you go to bed put off all the worries and sleep 40 minutes extra to help increase India’s GDP but not if you are already sleeping for over 7 hours a day.

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