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Why Indians perspire more?

Perspiration is one of the most important mechanisms that the body uses to keep the temperature constant. Our body uses the food we eat as fuel, and in the process of its use, about 2500 calories are produced in normal conditions. It is estimated, that is sufficient to heat 23 litres of water to boiling point!

Over half a litre of water is lost every day from an average man, by evaporation from the skin. This is called insensible perspiration. But when temperature rises, sweat can be seen forming on the surface of the skin. This watery fluid is secreted by tiny sweat gland scattered all over the surface of the skin. When it evaporates, it cools the surface of the body. Perspiration is like a shower which washes the body from within.

The sweat and the secretion of the apocrine glands are not offensive. They have some valid sexual significance tool. The reason for Indian to perspire more is hidden in the geographical belt of India. The hot and humid temperature of India makes the body sweat more. South India being a peninsula land has more humidity in comparison to North. It receives straighter penetration of sun-rays making south Indian sweat less than its counterparts due faster process of precipitation.

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