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Because, they Condemned, Debated, Blamed, and Continued…! News in India

Updated: May 3, 2020


If we introspect internally, what we have achieved over the years? Those who wants to defend and delay the rise of new India will have a list, from economic reforms to victorious wars to IT domination, to all the parks, gardens, buildings and what not. But, who denied this?

Yes! We achieved whatever we could, but when will we start solving our problems that continues to grow? The problems that defy how weak, we are, the problems that tells how divided we are, the problems that show how careless we are, the problems that show how corrupt we are, the problems that echo’s self-interest over the nation.

Because, they Condemned, Debated, Blamed and Continued…! Even, I just Wrote and You just read.


It’s no more India-Pakistan-Kashmir. If a country with over 1.33 billion population has 37 soldiers killed within an hour, it’s an attack on the integrity of this population.

The attack is not a mere terror strike; it’s a challenge to over 133.92 billion people.

It’s a spit on their face because they are a bunch of fools and cowards who only knows about freedom and rights, but not responsibilities.

The attackers laugh, because our definition of democracy gives human rights to terrorist,

but does not stand for the people who defend Democracy. The attackers will repeat, because they know #India does not know to protect the people who protect her land. They know, India is one of the worst country when it comes to the rights and respect of Security personnel. The way we treat our own security is a shame, our thoughts are mediocre, our education system that builds this thought is adulterated.

The democratic system that we are proud of being is a result of appeasing politics and not a democracy to run a vast diversified country like India. India needs a change, a change in its thought, a change that does not only talk about rights but also about the duties.
Because, they Condemned, Debated, Blamed and Continued…! Even, I just Wrote and You just read.


Why we have built the second largest army of the world? To safeguard politicians, to protect bureaucrats, to solve riots, to guard places of worships, to rescue people from floods, and all that they do while not getting the respect and rights they deserve. They are ready and performing to the best among the world in all tests, but they failed. Do you know why? Because, they can’t protect their own integrity!

And, why a second largest army force cannot protect its integrity?

Simply, its citizens understand, only rights, but no responsibilities, because it #citizens are ill affected by its own system, because its citizens have no moral value but highest religious beliefs. Because its citizens do not know humanity, but are omniscient of caste and tribes. I can go on and on…the list is really big. It’s not my piled up frustration, but I can logically prove all the sentences that I have used and relate it to the root cause of the problems India has.

Because, they Condemned, Debated, Blamed and Continued…! Even, I just Wrote and You just read.


The media will continue the economy of churning news, you will be back tomorrow morning with your regular life, I will find another topic to write, the sun will rise for everyone but not for those 44 soldiers and their family of over 160 other Indians. They are victim of yours and my freedom. The sheer carelessness and immaturity that we Indians have towards our democracy, is responsible for the death of these people. It’s not the terrorist that should be revenged, but the thought of Indians that needs to be revenged.


It’s a question of your integrity and self-respect? Can’t you do anything about it? Can’t you change? Can’t you understand the meaning of Freedom? Can’t you understand that rights and responsibilities go hand in hand?

Will you rise to just another normal day if a neighbor attack your family members? No, you won’t! Like you have a home, you enjoy the pleasure of food and love within your home, but can you enjoy it, without you are fulfilling your responsibility towards your home?

No, you can’t! Then, how can a nation enjoy without its citizens fulfilling its responsibilities?

What was the last responsibility that you served towards your nation?

Don’t tell me you pay tax? Even I do! And if that is the answer you thought of, it’s telling all about, what we are today and why we are today?

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