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What is Naturopathy? Top 3 Best Naturopathy Hospital in India 2019

Naturopathy is the only natural solution to modern ailments of the human body. It’s a science of #nature that helps human body restore its original form. Naturopathy form of treatment is not common in India even though its traces can be found in the Vedas and other form of ancient scriptures. However, #naturopathy hospitals in #India have originated long back than one can think. Away from the modern rush, these naturopathy hospitals in India have treated patient with holistic methodology that existed during Vedic era.

Naturopathy is nature’s science that believes in purifying the body, treating the root cause and restoring the body in its original form. It says that the body is capable of treating and maintaining itself, if its natural balance is not disturbed. What naturopathy does is, balances the various elements of the #body, i.e. Water, Air, Fire, Ether and Earth. Balancing these elements helps immunity system of the body to be in unadulterated form and establish control of the bodily system. Through various processes naturopathy treatment methods, the unwanted but accumulated toxins are flushed out from the body.

Over the years, the modern medical care has realized the importance and effectiveness of #modern healing and various Naturopathy Hospitals, Healthcare Resorts, Retreat Centers, Ayurveda Centers, Yoga Centers, Spa Centers, Panchkarma Healing Centers and many others has been developed in India. But, what distinguishes Naturopathy Hospitals in India from other centers is the treatment itself. While Most of the other centers are trying to commercialize Vedic offerings, naturopathy is an alternate form of treatment itself. It’s not a luxury experience, but a form of cure. People visit Naturopathy hospitals in India to get treated and not just to relax. There are various serious #diseases that can be treated through naturopathy. So, within such a rush, how to choose the best Naturopathy hospital in India?

We bring you the top 3 Naturopathy hospital in India for pure natural healing using the science of Nature.

1. Jindal Naturecure Institute - Top 3 Naturopathy Hospital in India

Jindal Naturecure Institute is one of the oldest or arguably the oldest Naturopathy Institute in India. It was founded by Dr. SR Jindal, the founder member of Jindal Aluminium and Sitaram Jindal Foundation. The naturopathy hospital was established in the year 1978 on the outskirts of #Bengaluru (then Bangalore). Today the institute is known to be the leader of Naturopathy treatment in India and act as a role model for various other Naturopathy #hospitals in India.

Diseases treated at Jindal Naturecure Hospital

Abdominal Disorders | Allergic Rhinitis | Anxiety Neurosis | Anaemia | Arthritis | Bronchial Asthma | Calcaneal Spur | Hypotension | Hypothyroidism | Hyperthyroidism | Insomnia | Irritable bowel Syndrome | Menstrual Disorders | Migraine | Obesity | Underweight patient | Depression | Diabetes Mellitus (Type-II) | Eosinophilia | Gout | High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) | Hiatus Hernia | High Uric acid (Hyper Uricaemia) | Osteoarthritis | Refractive Errors | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Sleep Apnea | Stable Heart Cases | Spondylitis - Cervical and Lumber | Sinusitis.

Contact Jindal Naturecure Hospital

Telephone: +91-8023-717-777

2. Patanjali Divya Yoga, Naturopathy Hospital in India

Managed by Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust and Yoga Mandir Trust, the institute focuses on Yoga as a part of Naturopathy treatment. The Naturopathy hospital is part of Baba Ramdev’s #Patanjali brand. Located in Haridwar, Uttrakhand, the Naturopathy hospital is one of the oldest and largest establishments to offer naturopathy treatment services in India.

Contact Patanjali Divya Yoga

Website -
Email -
Telephone - +91-1334-240008

3. Nimba Naturecure, Naturopathy Hospital In India

Taking references from ancient scriptures ‘Nimbati Syasthyamdadati’ meaning ‘to give good health’, the Naturecure institute is founded by Oswal Group. The founder of Oswal Industries Limited, Oswal Infrastructure Limited and Metal forge India. The naturopathy hospital is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Diseases Treated at Nimba Naturecure Hospital

Sinusitis, Emphysema, Allergic Bronchitis, Asthma, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Influenza Constipation, Hyper acidity, Gastritis, Fatty Liver, Indigestion, Ulcerative colitis, Chronic Heart Diseases, Skin Diseases, Psychological Disorder, De Addiction & Rehabilitation, Neuro Disorders, Female Disorder

Contact Nimba Naturecure Hospital

Website -
Email -
Telephone - +91 9714-006-980


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