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Was the first coffee used in India? Do you know the origin of coffee? | Whats in India

Are you a coffee or tea lover? No matter what you love, the Aroma of coffee is mostly engraved in our senses.

Its fragrance is as mesmerizing as the freshness of tea leaves. But where and when was the coffee first used? India is one of the largest exporters of tea but is that the same case with coffee? Read the history of coffee to burst the myth.

Coffee was just enjoyed without brewing it. East African tribes were the first to utilise the berries as an article of food. They used to roast them in an open pan or prepare them with animal fat, and then eat them!

The first coffee plants growing in the wild were noticed in Kaffa, Ethiopia. The plant got its name perhaps from the place it was largely found.

It was in the 14th century that the Arabs became acquainted with these seeds. In the 15th century the use of coffee as a beverage became established. It spread from Yemen to Mecca then on to Baghdad.

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