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The top three (3) beach destinations in India for a family visit!!

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

"Vivaan, Vivaan don't run water might be deep there" said Grandma. But Vivaan, a curious 13 year old boy couldn't stop his excitement. And why should he? After a long planning and months of tantrums he and his sister, finally managed to convince their family for a beach vacation. His family has been very protective and always against a beach vacation. Not only his family but majority of Indian families are in general hesitant towards visiting a beach. And it's understood because of the glam that a beach has then in comparison to a famous garden, museum or a family picnic spot.

So we bring you a curated list of top three (3) beach destination in India for a family vacation:

3. Gokarna beach in Karnataka

If you would love to spend some time in a secluded beach with family, this small, holy town of #Gokarna will give you the ultimate satisfaction. An ideal beach for a family vacation, Gokarna has other four beaches connected to it.

How to reach Gokarna beach in Karnataka?

Different railways connect this place Gokarna including Karwar, Hubli, Ankola, Margao, Mangalore, and Kumta. The nearest stations are Ankola and Kumta.

Keep in mind that you have limited time as this place has already come under the observation of the developers. So book your tickets today!

When is the best time to travel to Gokarna beach, Karnataka?

If you want to enjoy the pleasant temperature of this amazing beach, you can visit this place from October to March.

What are the places to visit near Gokarna beach?

Numerous holy pilgrims can be found here. You can also enjoy an enthusiastic holiday with your buddies. If you are in Gokarna, you cannot miss the places like Om Beach, Kudle Beach, Mahabaleshwar temple, Yaana, Half Moon beach, Paradise Beach, Koti Tirtha, Kumta and so on.

2. Tarkarli Beach in Maharashtra

Do you want to add some flavour of adventure to your family vacation? Do you want to enjoy beach sports with your family members? Then you will surely love this beach because this is one of the best places to enjoy adventure sports. Here you can enjoy Snorkelling, scuba diving and other water sports as well. So, don’t miss this coral reef encountered on the Indian mainland.

How to reach Tarkarli Beach in Maharashtra?

The nearest station is Kudal. You'll get different trains from Goa, Mumbai or Pune to reach this destination among which Mandovi Express and Konkan Express are the most famous ones. You can also choose to #travel via roadways via Mumbai-Goa Expressway.

When is the best time to travel to Tarkarli Beach in Maharashtra?

Avoid visiting this place from June to September as you have to face heavy rain this time. Here Summer stays from April to June and winter stays from October to March.

What are the must visit places near Tarkarli Beach in Maharashtra?

Some of the best places available in Tarkarli are Sindhudurg Fort, Devbag, Malvan Beach, Devbag Sangam Beach, Tsunami Island, Kolamb Beach, Chiwla Beach, Talashil Beach, Padmagad Fort and so on.

Modern development has not touched this beach yet. So you can enjoy that divine feeling of a village. Local people usually prefer walking or bicycle as their daily ride.

1. Agonda Beach in Goa

If you want to give your family a lassitude and escape from this hectic lifestyle, then spend some time on Agonda beach in Goa. The serenity and calmness of this Long Beach will give you complete peace of mind. If you want to give your child a quality time with nature, you can stay in those lovely huts available on this beach.

How to Reach Agonda Beach in Goa?

Agonda Beach is near about 70 kms away from Dabolim Airport. You can simply rent a taxi to reach this destination on time. You'll also get buses from Chaudi to reach Agonda. Within just half an hour you'll reach Agonda beach.

When is the best time to travel to Agonda beach in Goa?

You can visit this beach with your near and dear ones in between November and March.

Various small shops and shacks can be found in this rare place. You can enjoy swimming, drinking and of course chilling with your buddies.

What are the must visit places near Agonda Beach in Goa?

Many tourist attractions are available near Agonda beach including Shiv Mandir, Butterfly Beach, Cola Beach, Pandava's Drum, Chapel, Bhumipurush Temple, Dreamz Diving, Colomb Beach, Guru Mandir and so on.

Not a family vacation, need some romance to add to your trip? Read, The top two (2) most romantic and couple friendly beach destinations in India.

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