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The morning habits that will change your life! Best Early Morning habits for Success.

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

“The almighty Sun, can you do me a favor; no I am not asking you to don’t be up in the #sky but just delay the morning by a few hours or more”. “I am the almighty power, my heat can scorch you even if you are talking with me in your dreams, gel lost’, Said the sun and woke up.

My short #conversation with Sun, defines our daily wish to delay the mornings by few hours and just continue our sleep. But do you know early morning waking habit is directly connected to our #health, wealth and achievements. While I wish you all the luck to win the wake up battle every morning, I am sharing below the morning habits that you can continue after winning that battle.

Here are the list of things you should do every morning to maintain your health, stay fit, achieve things and simplify your life.

Surrender to Nature Every Morning

Every morning give yourself 5-10 minutes just after you wake up and allow yourself to think about nature. How wonderful the morning is? You can think about #Sunrise, Fresh Air, Cold Breeze, OR about any close visits you had that allowed you to explore nature.

Unplug Yourself from Tech Every Morning

Nature rewards us with fresh morning every day and the #morning is for you. We all have developed a normal practice to check phone even when we are yet to be out of bed and switch on the Television. Control this #habit for a few hours before you begin your #day. A few hours every morning must be dedicated toward yourself. The news can wait (it will remain the same throughout, I have been through the phase of watching multiple news channels throughout the day, it remains the same). Or it will remain the same. #Facebook notification, app notifications, etc. are not for you it’s about others, it can wait.

Drink Water Every Morning

If you are reading this it means you are already aware that our #body is made up of about 70% of water and the fact that you did not consume any from last 4-8 hours means, it needs water. Drink at-least 2-3 glasses of regular water or warm water with added lemon juice can do miracle for your digestive system.

Make your Bed every Morning

Try it! The feeling is amazing! See the neat and tidy bed while you carry other morning chores or once you are back in the evening. It will give you a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment whenever you see it any time during the day. And it is believed that making their own bed every morning is one of the most important tasks practiced by highly influential people.

Meditation, Exercise or do Yoga Every Morning

It need not be that hard session of exercises to sweat it out, but even peaceful mediation or practicing simple yoga poses can be of great help for your #health. Take instructions from an expert for referring to YouTube to know what kind of Yoga asana will be beneficial for your health. Yoga can do miracle to your body if done under expert supervision.

Develop the YOU every morning

We are so busy with our lifestyle that the YOU in us are missing. Check yourself every morning if you need a haircut, are your nails trimmed (even if you are a male), check if any body part needs attention, what you will be wearing for the day, how groomed you are, think about the day now and check how ready you are for it. Let you know the plan for the day and prepare yourself at the end of this session. Think about the important meeting, interview, projects or any tussle you have to answer someone today.

Prepare a To Do List Every Morning

Now, when you have already thought about the day, why not pen it down. Preparing a To Do list will help, I had great resistance to it, but now I know how helpful it can be. Start maintaining a To Do list from today.

Enough Sleep Every morning

Let yourself know before you start your day that how important it is to get enough sleep every day, yes enough sleep every day even on weekends. You sleep is the only rejuvenation you brain and body can get every day. Enough but not access sleeping ensures your body and mind are fresh every morning.

Try adding these habits and see, how things get sorted, life is simplified and your everyday struggle turns to achievement. Comment below!

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