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The Mahabharata you are not aware of! What happened after the end of Mahabharata war?

Having fought such a great war Pandavas move to Hastinapur. It was their kingdom not only inherited from the father, but the one they won on their own as well. So, what happened after Maharabharta – the greatest and longest war ever fought on planet earth. Indian history is deeply hidden under the misbelief and materialistic pratices. Read here, to know the things that you are not aware of about Maharabharta, #India. What happened after Maharabharta?

The Return of Pandavas after Mahabharatha - Sorrow, Pain and Grief

The Mahabharata you are not aware of! What happened after the end of Mahabharata war?

When kings return usually there is a celebration, but when Pandavas returned all they heard was Distress, Pain and Grief. The eldest and most kind son of King Pandu, Yudhisthira was heart shook as he heard the sign of misery all around, with such a great intensity that it defies the victory of the war. Because there was not a single family that has not lost lives of their near and dear ones.

All men from Hastinapur has left for the battle but never returned.

So, it was only the mothers, sisters, son, the children’s crying all around. The subjects were rattled with the consequences of war and as the king entered the wailing arose in grief, anger and hatred towards the Pandavas. A scene that was never witnessed by them because they were always loved by the same set of people. It was this subject that cheered for them. Pandavas was astonished at this sight. For the first time, they caused tears in people’s life by their action.

Pandavas meeting with Dhritarashtra and Gandhari - The life threatening escape for Bhima and Yudhisthira

The Mahabharata you are not aware of! What happened after the end of Mahabharata war?

Pandavas entered the palace and met Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. Hiding his grief Dhritarashtra expressed his desire to hug Bhima, Krishna sees the future asks Bhima to place the metal statue resembling him in front. Dhritarashtra with some special power within his body manage to crush the statue into pieces by his hug. Bhima was shocked, but Krishna new them all. Gandhari then expresses her desire to see Yudhisthira, the new king with her eye. For only once by removing her blindfold. Krishna again interferes again and presents Yuyutsu, the only son of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari that survived the war. Yuyutsu burnt alive the moment Gandhari saw him after removing the blindfold.

The actions of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari was not true to their words, realising this
Yudhisthira the newly crowned king prisons them with all due respect. But Bhima won’t let them rest, at every possible opportunity he provokes them, taunts them, insults them in all the possible way.

The Unending taunt of Bhima in Mahabharatha

Dhritarashtra a big eater, makes noise while slurping food and Bhima taunts that was the sound I heard when I sucked Dushshanas Heart. When he chuckles bone, Bhima says, o that was the sound I heard when I broke a Duryodhana’s thigh. Dhritarashtra helpless by age and blindness couldn’t do much.

The Mahabharata you are not aware of! What happened after the end of Mahabharata war?

The beginning of an ending of Mahabharatha

During those days, there was a practice of Vanaprastha i.e if your son has a son you leave to forest, but Dhritarashtra was too attached to all the comforts and leftover by his blindness. Bhima continued with his ill behaviour, even though Yudhisthira – the king tried his best to stop him. This continues through days and months. One day Vidura advises to Dhritarashtra, ‘This place is no better for you, you must leave for the forest at the time that is correct. You should have left but you haven’t’. So, Vidura, Dhritarashtra with Kandhari, Kunti their assistant Sanjay all of them leave for the forest.

The last breath

Vidura already an ascetic, leaves them and goes to a cave for penance and finally leaves his body. Kunti and Gandhari together is fighting a bigger battle than Kurushetra before the final leg of their life. On a certain day, they smell the heat, Dhritarashtra ask Gandhari and Kunti to plan an escape. Gandhari says, ‘Escape from What? Dhritarashtra replies, ‘Fire’. Gandhari Says what for? ‘Indeed, what for?’ adds Kunti. The forest fire engulfs them all and puts an end to a generation of Kurus.

Carvings depicting Mahabharatha war on the walls of Kailashanath Temple, Ellora, Maharashtra

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