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Planning a trip to India? Read the 11 things you should know before visiting India.

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Things you should know if you are planning atrip to India!

The world’s largest #democracy is the most diversified place on the #earth to live in. It is also the most diversified place with cultural, verbal, political and religious differences. Indian democracy has provided over 1 billion #people, the freedom to express and practice what they believe in. It can be difficult for if you visit the land of diversity. Here it the list of things you should know if you are planning to visit India.

Individual Taxi Drivers in India

The moment you land, the hopping cab drivers will surround you asking for your #destinations. If you have not followed a taxi stand and got in with an individual driver, the chances are that the driver will charge you more than the usual fare. Not only that they will try to recommend a few hotels as well, even though you would convey that you have already booked one. The best way to avoid such happenings is to book taxi only from a taxi stand.

Use one hand in India

Most of the Indians use only one hand for performing task until it’s not typing on a keyboard. So, if you want to be culturally correct pick only one hand, for example, if you are right handed use only right hand to pick up food or for taking notes. As the majority of the #Indians use their right hand, it’s common for people to say don’t use your left hand.

Be careful with drinking water in India

It’s not that the Indian tap water is not safe to drink but rather just be careful. Look before you drink water on #streets or directly through a tap, if possible, check about the water before eating street food.

Don’t disrespect the Cows or talk about Pork in India

You might be a dog lover or one among animal rights activist or just a beef/pork eater. If you land in India, just remember to respect Cows and not talk about pork. #Hindu worship Cows and it’s a religious crime if #Muslims, even hear about pork. So, leave Beef and Pork them behind.

Count your change in India

Most of the public places are crowded, intentionally or intentionally chances are that the change you received might be less or even in rare case more than what you should have got back. So, always count your change (currency) while in India.

Be Polite but not innocent in India

India is home to over billion people so personal space does not really exist here. People here are kind, but not the way you think, so if you are pushed or grinded in a #crowd don’t take it as an insult. Be polite to respond and show your discomfort but just don’t sound too innocent.

Don’t talk politics in India

India, the world’s largest #democracy empowers over 1 billion people with their own voice and opinion, pretty much about everything happening around. With the diversity of #culture, language, caste and #religion; people here are poised to have their voice heard. So, talking about #politics can really be lengthy and tiring here.

Learn local greeting style in India

India is a land of #Namaste and not Hi, Hello, and Hey. Saying Namaste is common #practice in India without shaking hands. On some occasions, you will meet people shaking hands casually but that’s not common in India. Men do shake hands, but prefer verbal greetings when it comes to women. The cross-gender greeting is not common in India.

Don’t point with your feet in India

Feet being the bottom part of the body, in Indian culture it is termed to be disrespectful. So, don’t point towards anything with your legs instead use your hands. Avoid the posture of stretching your legs while sitting.

Female can avoid unwanted attention in #India

India is a land, diversified with bikini on a fashion show to saree clad #woman working in the more sophisticated atmosphere at ISRO. So, knowing before you visit the place can help you decide proper outfit for the location and ultimately avoid unnecessary attention.

Take second opinion in India

India has many helpful and #tourist friendly souls, but you cannot always be lucky to meet one in the first instance. So, always take second #opinion, don’t hesitate, people will love to help you.

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