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History of Naturopathy | What is Naturopathy? | What are the Principles of Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a science based on the principle of natural evolution. The principle of Naturopathy says, we evolved from the nature and nature has empowered our body to keep it healthy and fit through out. But, what are the main principle of nature?

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The story of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is Nature’s science that existed ever before the evolution of human beings and will exist even after the end of #life on Earth. It will exist because; #Naturopathy is the pure and unadulterated science of Nature. It believes in maintaining the ecological balance of your body. The origin of Naturopathy can be traced back to Vedic period; it was used as a form of #medicine to heal human ailments. The ancient text and scriptures contains all the procedures, cures and different #treatment methods that we are using #today. Not only that, the scripture also describes different medical conditions which we invented with the advent of the 21st century. During Vedic times Naturopathy was popularly known as Swastha Vritta, translating to social and preventive medicine in English. The practice of educating patient about health and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how healthy lifestyle contributes to ensure good health, was always part of Swastha Vritta as against in Allopathy.

History of Naturopathy | What is Naturopathy? | What are the Principles of Naturopathy?
Naturopathy is Nature's science.

The evolution of Naturopathy

In the year 1895, Dr. John Scheel coined the term Naturopathy for the very first time. It is also believed that the modern day father of medicine, ‘Hippocrates’ advocated the use of Naturopathy medicines even before the term was coined. However, Naturopathy received recognition only in the 19th century, when Dr. Benedict Lust, who was exposed to natural healing arts and its practices, founded the American School of Naturopathy in the year 1902. Dr. Lust who was a student of one of the greatest practitioner of Hydrotherapy Father Kneipp learned Hydrotherapy in Germany and made it a part of Naturopathy in America. Gradually various therapies, diet (#food), exercises, and emotional healing were added as the branch of Naturopathy tree.

The modern day Naturopathy involves Yoga, Meditation, Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture, Vibro Exercises, Fasting and #Diet plan and various other natural therapies.

It is believed that before the advent of western world, Naturopathy existed in #India and was practiced by the ancient saints. The traces of Naturopathy practices can be found in various Indian scriptures and monuments. Naturopathy as it is today has evolved from what it was during Vedic days; however, its principles remain the same, ‘human body has all the healing power to keep it healthy, fit and functional’.

The fundamental principles of Naturopathy are

History of Naturopathy | What is Naturopathy? | What are the Principles of Naturopathy?
Nature is the creator and the destroyer itself.

Nature is the best healer

Naturopathy believes we are built out of the elements of nature and it has all the healing power required to keep the body fit and healthy.

Treat the cause and not just disease

Naturopathy believes in treating the root cause of the disease and not just the disease. If the cause of a disease is eliminated, the disease itself gets treated.

Use of natural techniques

Naturopathy endorses only use of natural techniques, herbs and medicine.

Treat the body and not just parts

As against allopathy or any other form of medical care, Naturopathy believes in healing the body and not just parts. Healing the body ensures its immunity system is made stronger and the body regain its natural form to heal itself.

Naturopathy is Preventive

One of the most important principles of Naturopathy is to practice healthy natural living. The body has potential to heal and keep itself healthy from any external infections provided its balance is not disturbed. By maintaining a natural health most of us can prevent and protect our body from diseases.


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