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Ever wondered! Why do we celebrate Women's Day? When was the first women's day celebrated?

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Every year, the world celebrates, ‘8th day of March’ as #InternationalWomen's. But do you know, when was the first women's day ever celebrated?

International Women's Day is celebrated to celebrate the joy of womanhood and salute the indomitable spirit of women across the globe.

Do you know why we celebrate women's day? Read the history behind celebration if International Women's Day

It all started in early 1900 when the atrocities and inequality against women has crossed its limitations; forcing people and the influential leaders to come forward to add womanhood to the society. The streets were filled with protestor who cared for woman rights. After various demands and demolitions the campaign for change took a political movement when the Socialist party of America took to the streets. Thus, observing first ever national women's day across America on "28th February." Since then till 1913 woman's Day was celebrated on the last Sunday of February. But why do we celebrate 8th march as #InternationWomen’s day?

After this incident, on 28th February in early 1900s century the first ever #national women's day was celebrated and till 1913 last Sunday of every February month was celebrated as women's day in America.

Ever wondered! Why do we celebrate Women's Day? When was the first women's day celebrated?
Here's to the strong women. May we know them, may we be them and may we raise them!

Women’s Day celebration took the International stage when, ‘Clara Zetkin’ leader of women's office for social democratic party in Germany proposed the idea of International Women's day. Zetkin proposal was passed unanimously; paving the way for the world to celebrate International Women's Day. Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland hold the privilege to celebrate the first international women's day, but again, it was not 8th March, till then the International Women’s day was celebrated on 19th March. Millions of people, both men and women campaigned for women's right to hold office, work, vote, etc., to end the discrimination.

The historical step that led to celebration of International Women's Day.

In 1913 the date was transferred to 8th march when the Russian women began strike for ‘bread and peace’ against the death of over 2 million soldiers in war. The strike continued for four days and the women were also granted the right to vote on 8th March as per the Gregorian calendar. Finally, in the year in 1975 the United Nations gave its approval and since then women's day has been celebrated on 8th March with various events and social gatherings around the world. 

Wish all the lovely ladies! A very warm International Women's day. Keep your spirit, keep us inspired.

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