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Doctors all over the world are wracking their brains to solve this mystery of Twin Town in India

Kodinhi, a small village located in the Malappuram district of Kerala, has always been the center of attraction to many researchers and doctors around the world. Why is it so? You know there are a few things in this world that science fails to explain just when it thinks it knows everything! One such exception is Kodinhi.

This small village is the home to 200 pairs of twins. According to the records, India has the lowest birth rate in terms of twins. But, Kodinhi seems to have shred that belief. The birth rate is estimated to be 45 per 1,000 births.

History of Twins birth at Kodinhi, Kerala, India?

Till now no one knows the mystery as to how the women of this village give birth to twins only. Doctors all over the world are wracking their brains to solve this mystery, but it seems like none have come up with a conclusion.

According to a local doctor from Kerala, Dr. Krishnan Sribiju India records the most reduced rates of twin births on the planet with only four twins for every thousand children. He also said that Indians are unable to afford IVF treatment because of its high cost. In contrast, in the western parts of the world, rates of twinning have increased drastically due to artificial insemination.

So, what is the main reason behind such an exceptional phenomenon at the twin capital of the world?

Many explanations have been taken into consideration, but none seems to fit in with the situation. One such explanation includes the diet of the people of Kodinhi. But, it does not seem anything extraordinary in their diet as compared to others.

All Dr. Sribiju could state is, this surprising and extraordinary medical phenomenon started approximately 60 to 70 years ago. Researchers all over the world are still trying to solve this mystery.

In the year 2016, a group of researchers arrived, and their inspection aimed to study different genetic factors of the people living in Kodinhi and to match them with some specific communities of Vietnam, Nigeria, and Brazil, where such similar conditions or phenomena has been observed.

Doctors and scientific researchers at Kodinhi, Kerala, India

After conducting the experiments, the researchers concluded that no such genetic link had been identified yet.

Up 'til now, we genuinely don't have any of these key answers. The riddle of Kodinhi will stay a secret until further notice, yet it's one that is consistently worth attempting to tackle.

In the interim, the individuals of Kodinhi keep on savoring the experience of their recently discovered distinction and puzzling town.

It's the origin of TAKA, the Twins and Kins Association, an association that has made it their objective to instruct and help the individuals who carry Twin Town's unthinkable genes.

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