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Can't believe, this list of 4 (four) Weird food that is found in India!

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Whats was the most weird food you had? Go through the list of more weird food found in India.

Do you know? The taste of Sambhar changes every 5 km, #India has most varieties of Dal preparation, India is known as the land of spices, the varieties of rice preparation served in India is more than combined varieties of rice preparation served in European Nations. The capital land of devotion, belief, religion and culture, 'India' is also capital of world's #cuisine. The rich Indian cuisine also hold's some of the world's unique preparation. Let's see these weird uniuque #food preparation which are actually not so weird, if you clearly know about them. Here's the list of five weird food found in India:

4. A silkworm in Assam.

Can't believe, this list of 4 (four) Weird food that is found in India!

I know that silkworm is used from extracting of silk from them. People do harvest them for for that purpose for commercial gains. But during the research, I got to know that silkworms are not only harvested for silk but also for food in Assam.

In Assam silkworm is served in many kinds of dishes. After, extracting the silk from the silkworms the dead insect inside is used to make dishes.

If you visit Assam and want to make this dish doesn't buy them from anywhere you like. Contact any local friend of yours or get information where the perfect silkworms can be brought. Because you never know what those insects are or what kind of harvesting they are been too.

3. Frog Legs.

Can't believe, this list of 4 (four) Weird food that is found in India!

In the Sikkim which is part of Himalayas, the frog legs are popular for their tasty meat and as well as their medicinal properties. The frogs like the dark and wet atmosphere so the population of frogs in the Sikkim is a bit more. But they are becoming less too.

The people in Sikkim has been hunting these amphibians since a long time. It says that the frog act as a medicine in many ways. Which is not even proved scientifically but the local people trust in that.

Harvesting these amphibians is also encouraged much because of its demand, which mostly done in between June-September. They collect the frogs from many wet places in their local areas. Amolops spp, Nanorana spp, and Xenophrys spp are mostly preferred but it doesn't mean that all the other kinds of frogs will be ignored while hunting.

2. Dog Meet.

Can't believe, this list of 4 (four) Weird food that is found in India!

Usually, people keep dogs as their pets. Here in Nagaland not only they keep dogs as their pets they do keep them for their meat too. It's not any kind of tradition over there of eating dog meat. But it was started from the northern Chinese part. Not all nagas do consume dog meat but mostly in rural areas.

Still, today they are many parts of China where you can find dog meat on their menu. There were many debates regarding the ban of slaughtering dogs for their meet. But the state government is a bit hesitant regarding that. Because, of the high percentage of meat consumption in rural areas the most.

There are many people who consume dog meat as the main meal and many hotels do serve this food. Different people have different tastes in their intake of food. Here the nags are interested in dog meat the most even though the cost is high (Rs.300/- for 1 kg). I don't think so it will be banned so soon.

1. Red Ants Chutney.

Can't believe, this list of 4 (four) Weird food that is found in India!

Yes, red ant's chutney it is a special local dish in Chandigarh. This food is actually found by the local tribes and known to be “Chapra ki Chutney”. In the past, these red ants used to be kind of a nuisance to the tribal people, but they turned in to their advantage by turning in to food.

Red ants chutney is a quite popular and necessary dish on all the occasions in the local areas. The main ingredient of this dish is the red ants and their eggs. It sounds bizarre but at the same time, it has its own medical benefits.

This dish gives an excellent portion of proteins, calcium, zinc, vitamin B12. These are essential for the immune system, brain, nervous system of a human body. The tribal people sell this chutney in small packets.

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