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A land beyond human reach, 'Gyanganj', even in 21st century | The land of Immortals | Whats in India

Can you ever imagine a land, a secret, mysterious land that has escaped all geographical surveys so far? Well, yes! It may be a fairytale to humanity, but it is indeed a reality for the immortal sages of Gyanganj. Let's explore the land of mystery.

Where is Gyanganj located? Is Gyangaj in India?

It is said that the place is located somewhere in between the mystical valleys of Himalayas. Many call this mysterious place, the Shangri-La, Siddhashram, or Shambhala. Its exact location is unknown to mankind. Hence, it cannot be ascertained if its in India.

What is so mysterious about Gyanganj? | Whats in India?

It has indeed got some amazing facts that will enthrall your nerves only if you believe that a place like this actually exists. Gyanganj is believed to be a prehistoric Indian and Tibetian tale of a city-kingdom where the place is inhabited by immortal sages that influence the existence of not only human beings but of all conscious beings.

Why scientific technologies cannot discover Gyanganj?

In some of the ancient texts, you will find instructions to find this mysterious place, but it is said that only enlightened yogis can have access to that place. Also, it cannot be discovered by modern satellites and GPS. It is supposed that the place is so beautifully camouflaged that scientific technologies can never discover Gyanganj. Some also believe that it exists in a different realm of reality and thus cannot be detected by satellites.

Are the people of Gyanganj immortal?

It belongs to no particular philosophy, neither East nor West. As per the belief, there's no death in Gyanganj. Yes, you saw that, right! No one dies in this immortal land; the consciousness always remains alive. Tibetian Buddhists believe that when the world falls apart, then the 25th ruler of this immortal land will appear to escort the planet to a better place.

Guru Sai Kaka witnessed the mysteries of this place in Himalayas

Once a spiritual leader named Guru Sai Kaka, claimed that he had visited this holy land of immortals. According to him during his visits, a sage would come and take him to this place which belonged to a completely different realm.

Another visitor named L.P. Farrel claimed to have experienced the mystical 'Gyanganj'.

Though the tales might sound superficial but isn't it surprising that a mysterious land exists in the human realm where you can reach only through your Karma? I'm certainly invested in this tale. What about you?

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