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8 Naturopathy Tips for a Healthy Natural Living | Natural Tips for a healthy lifestyle

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Release your modern lifestyle stress by adding these Naturopathy tips for healthy lifestyle.

8 Naturopathy tips that can help you release tension of Modern lifestyle are:

Be Thankful, to get a healthy lifestyle

“I feel a very unusual sensation—if it is not indigestion, I think it must be gratitude.”

In the modern busy #lifestyle, we do complete the formality of saying, ‘Thank you’ to colleagues, friends and other mates but in reality we are never thankful. You need to be thankful to yourself first! Find at least one thing from the day to be thankful for. It can be small reason like, a good #food, great laughter, better conversation, great weather, sunrise, sunset or even any achievements. Find that reason to be thankful to yourself at the end of your day.

Sleep Well, to get a healthy lifestyle

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I’m reborn.” – Gandhi

Healthy Sleep is the most important thing to maintain for a healthy lifestyle. A sound sleep can do more wonders to your body than you are aware of. If you are struggling to sleep practice Nidra #Yoga or alternate nostril breathing on the bed. Nidra Yoga relaxes your #body and helps you concentrate on different body parts one after the other. Nostril breathing improves your respiratory health. It is believed that the breathing technique for sleep helps reduce anxiety and regulates day and night balance in your body.

Write down your dream, to get a healthy lifestyle

I think, I saw you in my sleep.

The sight of the #dream has always fresh in the morning but it becomes vivid as the day progresses. Once you are awake the conscious part of your brain takes over and the memory of the subconscious part becomes less important. That’s one of the main reasons, why you cannot recall the dream you saw last night during evening hours. Writing down your dream will boost your #memory and give you insights about your subconscious memory.

Understand the science of Body Rub, for a healthy lifestyle

The science of Body rub.

Body rub after or before your shower will help you exfoliate dead skin and allow air exchange through pores. Air exchange stimulates your body’s immunity system and allows the release of toxins.

Do Contrast Showering, to get a healthy lifestyle

“I'm going to take a shower," I said and prepared for the comment I knew was coming. "You know what they say, conserve water and shower with a friend.”

Contrast showering is a body’s thrill through hot and #cold water. Take a shower for one minute with as #hot water as you can, and then for about 30 seconds with as cold #water as you can. Repeat this, at least for 3-5 times or as the time allows. Try this practice for a week to see the difference.

Prepare your Bed Every Morning, for a Healthy Lifestyle

Bedgasm is the great feeling of getting under a fresh clean sheets.

Every #morning cleans your bed on your own to ensure it’s fully ready when you return to #sleep. It will generate a great sense of responsibility and accomplishment with you. I know it’s hard to believe, but the practice is endorsed by most of the successful people.

Don’t let your body be idle at work to get a healthy lifestyle

Don't be busy, be productive!

With modern lifestyle most of us work on a #laptop or a #computer in a sitting posture on your desk or office. Within this posture only our fingers, brain, eye and ear are naturally at practice while most of the other body parts are at rest. It’s very important to keep the other parts moving. So, get up from this posture and move at least about 30 seconds after every 1-2 hours.

Play in, for a healthy lifestyle

“The family is one of nature's masterpieces.”

When at home or on holiday don’t be only idle and lazy. Play outdoor game, do household chores, clean your wardrobe, play with your #child/brothers/sisters, etc but sweat for at least for 15 minutes. This will #help improve blood circulation throughout your body.


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