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12 thing you can do to maintain your health at Work | Work and Health Balance Tips

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Wondered about balancing your health at work? Read here, the easy to implement health tips at work.

We have been trying to balance our work and personal life but have you ever thought of balancing your work and health. A working person spends about half of his day at work or more than 70% of the active hours at work. The things you do, the way you sit, the way you walk, the food you eat or the conversations you have, everything does affect your health. It’s time to re-think the way you work and indulge in some healthy practices at work for your health.

Adjust the lighting at your workplace for a healthy lifestyle

You spend about 8 to 10 hours a day at single #place 5 to 6 days a week. It’s very important for you to make the atmosphere soothing and positive for yourself. Not only it’s a belief, but also scientists have proven that light brings #positive energy. Make your workplaces light, calm, positive and vibrant. You can add your favorite color office desk décor on your table and let the light reflect on it. Every time you will see such a setup it will generate positive vibes within you.

Safeguard your eye at workplace for a healthy lifestyle

If you work for 6-8 hours continuously on laptops or desktops, get yourself an eye protector. Those rays are harmful, but its impact can be felt only in the long term. So, even if you think it’s not harmful, it will impact you. Get yourself a UV protected glass or cover your screen with anti reflective coating. Keep your computer screen at arm’s length, it’s very important.

Sit straight and get up after every 60-90 minutes at workplace for a healthy lifestyle

Sitting in the same position for hours can impact your Spine, Knee Joints and Shoulders. So, get up and stretch your muscles at least for 10 seconds. A 20-30 step walk can also be helpful, if you have back problems get a chair supporter. Walk and talk around for awhile.

Open the window at workplace for a healthy #lifestyle

Don’t make it boring, opening the window can help you connect to the outer world. When you are sick and tired of the same work and need some breather, feel the magic by opening the window. If the office setup does not allow fresh air even the view is fine.

Say not to two cups of coffee at workplace for a healthy lifestyle

One cup of coffee in a day is sufficient to keep you up throughout. You can decide the time when you need to have one, don’t make it a habit just because it’s free or served at a particular time of the day. Avoid sugar intake or at least reduce it.

Wash your hand frequently at workplace for a #healthy lifestyle

Everything in your office is public and has been touched by more than just a few #people. Your desk, your laptop, your phone, door handles, chairs, papers, telephone lines, restroom flush etc. are all breeding ground for germs. Make it a point to wash your hands not only before you #eat but also whenever possible.

Take your vacations from work for a healthy lifestyle

You deserve holidays as you deserve your salary, afterwards you earn them with your effort throughout the month. So, don’t hesitate to ask for your leave, but just plan and get approval in advance. It will not only send a message to your employer that you plan in advance, but also it will tell them that you care for the company as much as you for your personal well being.

Take lunch on time, at your workplace for a healthy lifestyle

We all love to showcase that lunch got delayed due to important work. But it holds no value, it will unnecessarily delay your lunch (#food), make it irregular, even may lead to digestive problems, etc. Above all, if you are monitored by a highly learned management, they might think delayed lunch is a result of improper time management. Hence, questioning your ability.

Eat breakfast every day before #work for a healthy lifestyle

The other most important thing in your life is having healthy and regular breakfast. No matter what don’t skip your breakfast. Eating fruits in the morning can do wonders to your body and provide much needed morning sugar to it.

Drink water while at work for a healthy lifestyle

Water is one of the most important but underrated enzyme for your #body. Yes! A canned drink is not water. I am talking about pure water intake here. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water during your working hours, consume them at regular intervals. It will keep you mind fresh and body dehydrated. Eating fruits like watermelon, cucumbers and melons can also help.

Say no to frequent overtime at work for a healthy lifestyle

Frequent overtime is sign of either you are overloaded or incapable of managing your work. It it’s over speak to your boss, explain him about the minutes details of the responsibilities you have. Prioritizing one task over others may help. Prepare a realistic tasks list every morning before you start your work and start wrapping your day an hour before. We always think that the tasks in which your seniors are involved needs to be completed as soon as possible. That’s a good habit but does it need to complete on that day itself, is the question you should ask. Priorities them and think about a realistic timeline as per its importance.

Skip the small snacks at work for a healthy lifestyle

It might be your favorite cupcake that your office colleagues have bought today, or might be a sweet from another. Don’t pile up all, while it’s tough to say no on such occasions but tell them the reason, they will understand or collect it but don’t consume instantly. Use that as a part of your lunch or snacks.

Try these #tips to maintain a healthy life at work and meet the new you!


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